Leopard Electric: Wired for Excellence

In 2023, Leopard Electric was born with a vision that transcended the typical expectations of an electrical services company. Our founding principle was not just to provide electrical solutions but to revolutionize the way electricians and homeowners perceive and handle electrical wiring. At Leopard Electric, we don’t just fix wires; we enlighten minds, ensuring every electrical job is executed flawlessly and safely.

Our Mission: Educate, Train, Oversee

We educate & train, manage & oversee electricians and homeowners to do electrical wiring the RIGHT way.


We believe knowledge is power, especially when it comes to electrical safety. We are committed to educating both homeowners and electricians about the best practices in electrical wiring, helping them understand the intricacies and importance of safe electrical installations.


Excellence in electrical work comes from excellent training. We invest in rigorous training for our electricians, ensuring they are not just skilled, but masters in their craft, equipped with the latest knowledge and techniques in the industry.


Quality control is paramount. We oversee every project to ensure that every installation or repair meets our stringent standards of excellence and safety.

Core Principles: The Leopard Electric Way

We strive for nothing less than the best. Every wire we install is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality.

We understand the impact our work has. In our client’s homes, community, and world, our work makes a positive difference.

Staying ahead of the curve, we embrace innovative methods and technologies in electrical solutions.

We take our responsibility seriously to the families of our clients, to our community, to our planet. We leave things better than we found them and are leaders on the path to progress.

We respect our clients, their homes, and our craft. This respect is reflected in the meticulousness of our work and our interactions.

Leopard Electric Local Repair Tools

Beyond Just Wiring: Crafting Safer, Luxurious Homes

At Leopard Electric, we are redefining what it means to be an electrical service provider in Metro Detroit and beyond. We’re not just wiring homes; we’re elevating them. We’re creating spaces that aren’t just safe but exude luxury and comfort. Our work is about transforming houses into dream homes, where every switch turned on is a reminder of our dedication to excellence and safety.

Leopard Electric: A Shining Beacon in the Community

We envision Leopard Electric as more than a service provider. We are a beacon in the community – a source of knowledge, safety, and excellence. Every project we undertake is a step towards realizing this vision, making us not just a company but a partner in crafting safer, more luxurious homes.

Leopard Electric Family Electric Restore
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Wired for Excellence: Our Promise, Your Peace of Mind

At Leopard Electric, ‘Wired for Excellence’ is more than a slogan; it’s our promise to you. It’s our commitment to ensuring that every home we touch is wired with the utmost skill and care, guaranteeing peace of mind for families in Metro Detroit and beyond. With Leopard Electric, you’re not just getting an electrician; you’re gaining a guardian of your home’s safety and luxury.

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