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Electrical Conservation Tips for Homeowners

How Do You Save On Electric Bills? To lower electric bills, consider switching to energy-efficient appliances. For instance, replacing incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs can significantly cut energy usage, as LEDs consume up to 90% less energy and have a longer lifespan, offering savings over time despite their higher initial

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Seamless EV Charger Installation by Leopard Electric

Southeast Michigan EV Charger Installation Leopard Electric is proud to offer EV charger installation services in Southeast Michigan. Whether you are a homeowner looking to add convenience to your daily life or a business aiming to accommodate eco-friendly options for customers and employees, we have the expertise and technology to

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Smart Home Electrical Trends 2024: What to Expect

Leopard Electric Smart Home Electrical Tips The world is constantly evolving, and so is the way we live our lives. The rise of technology has brought about a new wave of innovation that has made our homes smarter than ever before. Smart home electrical trends for 2024 are set to

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Is it time for an electrical upgrade?

In today’s modern world, electricity plays a vital role in our daily lives. From powering our homes to charging our devices, electricity has become an essential utility that we rely on. However, over time, our electrical systems may become outdated and unable to meet the increasing demands of our modern

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Electrical Fireplace Safety

Essential Electrical Fireplace Safety Tips: Leopard Electric

Essential Electrical Fireplace Safety Tips: Leopard Electric Electric fireplaces have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering a modern and hassle-free alternative to traditional wood fireplaces. These innovative heating appliances provide warmth and ambiance, all with the convenience of remote control operation. However, it is important to prioritize safety when

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